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Altmarkt 21/22
01067 Dresden


Diana Strohbach
Head of Marketing & Communication
 Diana Strohbach

Über das Mitglied

SILICONALLY is an independent automotive ethernet IP technology provider.

Founded in 2019 in Dresden, Europe´s largest microelectronics/ICT location.
One year after the foundation the first milestone was reached; SILICONALLY launched the tape-out of the first 100Base-T1 PHY ASIC in Global Foundries 22FDX.
Two years later, in 2022, the second milestone and tape-out of the DualPHY in GF 22FDX took place.
In 2022 our customer and partner Robert Bosch GmbH joined as investor to contribute the future development.
SILICONALLY is focusing on functional safety in alignment with ISO 26262. We trust that the future automotive systems require a safe communication technology and we are offering the world´s first solution for fail operational communication.
For more information visit us on our website: or contact us directly

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