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Minalogic Business Meetings 2024

Are you a buyer or seller of innovative technologies? The Minalogic Business Meetings organised by our French partner cluster Minalogic are specially designed for tailor-made B2B meetings between buyers and sellers, networking and exciting presentations. Year after year, this hybrid event brings together a diverse group of industry leaders and experts involved in pioneering projects in the fields of micro/nano/electronics, photonics, software, content and applications.

The Minalogic Business Meetings

1 day of:

  • Networking between participants from all over the world
  • B2B meetings between important buyers (large companies & investors) and technology and/or service providers
  • Presentations on topics such as human resources with international speakers (accessible online)

Key Figures 2023:

  • 1 day
  • 500 participants
  • +1500 B2B meetings (up to 16 qualified meetings in one day)
  • 15 countries represented
  • 17 partners / 3 sponsors
  • 14 conferences

The aim of the event is to foster partnerships and business connections between technology and service providers with expertise in the complementary fields of micro/nano/electronics, optics/photonics, software, artificial intelligence, IoT and cyber security and major buyers. The innovative technologies, products and services presented at the Minalogic Business Meetings are cross-industry and span the entire digital value chain.


Technology providers who are members of Silicon Saxony benefit from the reduced Minalogic member price. For key buyers/buyers, the Minalogic Business Meetings are free of charge.

Participants 2023
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  • “The quantity of partners available was very good and the time given to browse the list was also sufficiently long. It allowed for a good preparation and screening for the meetings”, Key buyer
  • “The event is always a great opportunity to meet with high tech French startups and SMEs”, Key buyer
  • “Preparation, support system and coordination to schedule meetings were fantastic.", Technology provider

About Minalogic

Minalogic was founded in 2005 and is the digital technology cluster for the French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. With offices in Grenoble, Lyon and Saint-Etienne, Minalogic manages an ecosystem of nearly 500 members, including more than 440 innovative companies from across the region, covering the entire digital technology value chain. Minalogic's members also include universities, research organisations, local authorities, banks and investors to maintain a unique network dedicated to innovation in the field of digital technologies. Silicon Saxony has been working closely with Minalogic within the Silicon Europe cluster network for over 10 years.


14.03.2024 00:00
14.03.2024 00:00


Match making


Online & Geoffroy-Guichard Stadion

Saint-Etienne, France

Contact person

Kate Margetts | Minalogic
+33 4 38 78 52 72

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