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Verder Liquids manufactures pumps, mixers and systems. These pumps are distributed through 27 Verder offices, completed with a worldwide network of local distributors. Verder Liquids is offering local presence, local service and fast delivery times.

As a manufacturer, Verder Liquids is able to maintain the highest standards over the design, build and testing procedures, which reduces risk and costs to the customer. We are also able to translate requirements from the market into new products.

Our staff is skilled to know not everything there is to know about pumps but also about your specific application. We listen to you, our customer and we are experienced in finding pump solutions for every application!

Some key figures:

  • 800 Employees
  • We are and have always been family owned
  • Our pumps are sold in over 50 countries
  • 11 Verder house brands
  • Verder affiliated offices in 27 countries

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